"For others, it is simply imagination, but for us, it becomes the reality if DILLI thinks."

To. All the customers who have been visiting DILLI's New Webpage and all staffs of

DILLI cooperative companies.

We are evolving together with your business that is changing with the era of the 4th industry already based on Inkjet technology, the core source technology.

We started with abacus manufacturing, passed through the drafting, measuring equipment industry and the UV digital printer industry, and now launched a digital press which requires state-of-the-art technology. It is loved by many customers who want to gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing digital label and various packaging industries.

We only manufacture products that have passed certifications meeting the high international standards from developed countries, and always strive for a better environment. In addition, we are creating job opportunities for talented young people and sharing warmth for the development of local communities.

Our Dilli’s employees will be the best partner to provide customized solutions for customer's business segment based on advanced technology and to support continuous growth through total service connected with it.
Dilli look forward to working with you to create valuable values in your life.

Thank you very much..

President / Ph.D. Engineering
Choi, Keun Soo