"For others, it is simply imagination, but for us, it becomes the reality if DILLI thinks."
- Frequent, When the demand arises, a separate notice will be given.
- It depends on the area of employment, The common qualification is as follows.

1. Related Majors, or a graduate of related school(or expected to graduate)
2. Should be able to traval adroad
3. Must fullfill the mandatory duty for military draft exempted from such duries
4. Prudent and responsible
5. War veterans should provide the written certificates.


- When the demand for recruit arises, we will inform you on our websites and other recruit websites.

- Your application can be accepted via emails.

- Resume(Photh/Area of interest specified)
- Self introduction letter
- Technical desription(for experienced employees)

- It should be directed to the HR person of our company at the following address.